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Second Opinion Process

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We are a health care unit to take care of your ailment till a justifiable diagnosis, suggest precise therapeutic alternative and the apt institutional support.
Any time you have a very serious or life-threatening disease:
  • 1. Where the treatment is very risky or toxic.
  • 2. Where the diagnosis is not clear, the treatment is experimental, or there is no established consensus or approved treatment.
  • 3. If you're considering participating in a trial for a new drug.
  • 4. If you're considering some new experimental approach or a procedure that involves using experimental instruments or devices.
  • 1. Analyse the biological changes from the submitted laboratory reports.
  • 2. Analyse the imaging investigation with a review from multiple reviewers through tele-radiology.
  • 3. The biopsy diagnosis and the ancillary molecular and genomics reports are analysed by multiple reviewers across the globe using digital pathology plat form.
  • 4. Cross consultations are taken from appropriate consultant.
  • 5. Suggestions for further institutional management is suggested.

A review note with recommendation for management by the appropriate institution and follow up.

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Dr Ambarish Padhee is a consultant with extensive experience in the Medical Diagnostic Services, along with nurturing his passion for Histopathology, a niche area of laboratory diagnosis.

He has a the wisdom of Laboratory Diagnosis with:

  • 1. Decade of experience academic faculty in KMC Manipal
  • 2. Decade of offshore experience with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defence Middle East
  • 3. Decade with core diagnostic vertical with SRL Diagnostics
  • 4. Decade with Multi-speciality Corporate Hospitals

In the past 2 decade he is responsible for establishing organised core diagnostic facility in Odisha and Diagnostic services in major corporate hospitals in Odisha.

He believes that evidence based precise medicine would take over the age old clinical sense of medical practice and tele communication would be the tool.

At the moment he is working on that goal.

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About Dr. Ambarish Padhee

Dr. Ambarish Padhee Among finest and experienced Pathology and Laboratory Medicine specialist operating from Bhubaneswar.

Dr. Padhee bringings in four decades of experience and wisdom at your service.

  • - a decade as teaching faculty in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal,
  • - a decade of laboratory services in Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defence in Middle East,
  • - a decade of core laboratory diagnostic services with a network of national laboratory verticals in Odisha and
  • - a decade of referral laboratory services in large corporate hospitals in Odisha.

Dr.Padhee feels that the age old medical practice for health care dependant of clinical sense has changed to evidence based medicine for precision health care. He uses this practicing process of analysing the laboratory and imaging evidence to look into the gaps in patient management. Then the patients are referred to apt consultants or appropriate institutes for further care.

Keen follow up helps the clinical consultants, saves time and brings convenience for the patient.