T2N0M0 triple negative breast cancer

51 year old lady presents with a right breast mass Family history of mother succumbing to Carcinoma breast at the age of 61

Mammogram BIRAD 5

Needle biopsy IDH : SCORE 7 : Grade 2 : No peri neural lymphatic invasion : suspicious lymphatic invasion : ER Negative PR Negative Her2 Suspicious FISH Negative

PET CT Organ limited No evidence of distant or lymphnodes hot spots

Therapeutic suggestion : NACT with clip localisation and chaemoport : sentinel node identification with dual tracer : peroperative margin clearance along with sentinel node clearance : wide excision of mass along with cosmetic flap

Post surgical followup with CTRT

Excised involved lesion

The elevent microphotographs , the reports of FISH for Her2 , the mammogram and are in the trail

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